Sharing my love of books


I love to read. Always have. And luckily my son does too. The only problem is it means we have a house full of books – and in a 2-bed apartment with no storage that’s not a good thing. But books are one thing I don’t like to get rid of. Clothes? No problem. Toys? Absolutely. DVDs and CDs? Went a long time ago.

I just have an emotional attachment to books. I know I should embrace the Kindle – I have one, of course, but it just doesn’t feel the same as reading a book.

To help stem the flow of books into our house, I joined the New York Public Library a few weeks ago. My son is now always excited to take his books back and get new ones. And the library is a great environment. I spent part of this year volunteering with the NYPL (on adult literacy programs) and they’re a great organization, helping thousands of people who rely on them to discover new skills and ideas.

So today for my one good thing, I decided to donate some of our books to them. It’s not like I’m getting rid of them after all, just storing them somewhere else. I can read them any time I want and other New Yorkers get to read them too. Everyone wins.

Please note, if you’re inspired to do the same, books should be in great condition and not all libraries accept donations, so please check with your local one first before lugging your books a few blocks. Trust me…!

Oh, and as a quick aside, I saw this Improv Everywhere Epic Christmas Carolling surprise today and was totally inspired. If I could sing or play an instrument, a special carol performance would definitely be on the cards for someone this year. Maybe I should take up singing lessons in the new year!


2 thoughts on “Sharing my love of books

  1. What a good deed! It is good that you mentioned to check with the library first. Sometimes people lug bags of books to their local libraries, only to look at the librarian aghast when they are refused. It kind of depends on what the donation is. Some books are great. But then sometimes a person with a donation will be like, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DONT WANT MY 1953 SCIENCE TEXTBOOK?”


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