Catching up

Ok so two days have passed and amidst head-exploding school zoning meetings and visits to Macy’s Santaland I just have. Not. Had. A. Minute.

My lovely sister in law sent me a heartbreaking story recently which you have probably seen flying around on Facebook – basically about how children’s hospital wards tend to get plenty of gifts from corporates and individuals at Christmas time but the children’s mental health wards got nothing.

It’s so shocking. So to make up for my lacklustre performance of late I sent three gifts (one each for the two days I’ve missed and one for today). I sent them to Little Woodhouse Hall in the city I tend to call home, Leeds. If you want to do the same the address is:

Little Woodhouse Hall
18 Clarendon Road

I used Amazon uk. It was just easier. Because with two snotty kiddos and a very messy apartment, today is another one of Those Days.


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