Holiday cheer in red cups

Miserable day and evening in NYC

Miserable day and evening in NYC

Today was a miserable day in New York. The tops of buildings disappeared in the drizzle, the Empire State Building was missing from view and you needed wellies and an umbrella to go anywhere.

I had a few things in mind for my last one good thing. This year (for the first time ever), I managed to resist buying myself a few little treats whilst doing the Christmas shopping, which means there was a bit of money left over in the budget… so we have a few extra presents to give to the toy drive at Central Park Zoo. We also picked up a bag from Polarn O. Pyret which we can use to send clothes to needy children (a great idea – every time you buy new clothes, you can pop the outgrown ones in the bag and send them off).  But in the end, I decided to spread a little holiday cheer in my own little community. I went to Starbucks, filled up a gift card, then left it behind the counter to treat the people who came in on a  miserable Christmas Eve to free coffees. I hope it makes their Christmas Eve. It made mine.

This advent of good things challenge has sometimes been hard, sometimes been annoying, but always worth it. I’m just glad it’s Christmas Eve, the last deeds done, the presents have been wrapped and Santa is one his way…! Have a great Christmas everyone.


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