I really ummed and aahhed about doing this again this year. I have a temperamental three-and-a-half year old and a three-month-old baby who’s just had kidney surgery – so my hands are pretty full at the moment. Plus I was worried that last year’s adventofgoodthings came across a bit preachy (which was definitely not the intention). I was swaying towards not doing it to be honest but then today I saw something that made me change my mind.

It was raining, we were outside Wholefoods and there was a rush on taxis. A woman with her child was running late to pick up her other kid from pre-school and an elderly couple let her jump in the can they had just hailed. So simple, so small, but to the woman – and her child who didn’t get left at school – so huge. So this year I’ll be looking for those small acts of random kindness that happen every day and celebrating them. Because right now, in this crazy, messy world, we really need them.

So if you see any acts, please celebrate them, thank them and let me know about them. And feel free to pass it on.

If you feel like doing something yourself, today is giving Tuesday so choose your favourite cause and give away. This year I chose the New York Public Library.






2 thoughts on “Taxi!

  1. So glad that you have decided to write again this year! It is a real highlight of my day! Sending lots of love and best wishes to you and your gorgeous family xxxxjo


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