A little kindness goes a long way

image.jpegToday was of those days. We had tantrums and tears before the front door had even closed on our way to school. It was pouring. We had to take the baby with us. I was hot and flustered and generally not having a great start to the day. Then, in the school corridor a few little words changed all that…

A mum I hardly know looked at me and smiled. Then she told me I was doing “a great job”.

“You’re doing a great job.” It reminded me of a lovely post from a Cup of Jo, and made me feel tons better. Because you know what, motherhood is HARD, working is HARD. Even just getting up and getting through the day is hard sometimes. So let’s give ourselves a break, tell ourselves we’re doing a good job (because we are)*, and spread a little kindness while we are at it.

I passed on this random act of kindness later when I told another mum of two walking down the street that her kids were very well behaved and she should be very proud. “You’re doing a good job” I said.

If you get chance today, or tomorrow, or any day, tell someone they are doing a good job. I guarantee they will appreciate it.

*This reminds me of this great piece of wisdom which got me through a lot of ‘those days’ with my first child:

Much better if you can get to the end of each day, put your feet up with a glass of wine or a G&T, and say cheerfully to each other, ‘What the hell… They’re all still alive so we must have got something right.’

(Rule 1 from the Rules of Parenting by Richard Templar).


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