Sparking joy – with a pre-Christmas clear out


Giving to others less fortunate is big on my list of family must-dos. This time of year it also gives us chance to make room before the festivities.

Today we persuaded our little one to send some toys to the church. It’s still not an easy conversation or an easy thing for him to do. Since last year he’s also learned to ask why to everything, and argues back with reason. (“If those boys and girls don’t have any toys why don’t they write to Santa and ask for some?” Erm, good question little guy!)

In the end he decided to donate a big bag full of toys to help ‘the children who don’t have any toys’. To make room for some new things from the man in red.

To help him part with his beloved firetruck (one of three) racing cars, (two of many), puzzles, games and dressing up items, the adults in the house also donated. This year I read the New York Times best-selling Marie Kondo book – she suggests getting rid of anything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’. It’s a great idea but if I followed her advice I’d be getting rid of the vacuum, ironing board and plenty more. (I would also be saying thank you to my handbags and folding rather than balling my socks to give them ‘a rest’!)

It did help me get rid of a lot of clothes though… Those jeans I’ll get back into ‘one day’ are not sparking any joy, neither are the distress purchase tops which still have their tags on.

So 5 bags to the church and a coat to the coat drive later and we’re all feeling good. There’s also space in the closets for the first time in a while.

Do you do a pre-Christmas clear out? How do you persuade children to take part? I’d love to hear your tips!


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