Baby number two

This year has been an expensive one. Really expensive.

A few days after bringing home baby number two from the hospital we found out that our dog had cancer. This dog had ALWAYS been insured. That is, until we moved countries and just never got around to it. One expensive vet bill later and he is, thankfully, still with us.

Then in November the baby needed surgery. We knew it was going to be a tough time for the whole family so we called in support and flew in my brother from the UK at short notice. Those flights don’t come cheap!

We also expected all the usual baby expenses. But thanks to the kindness of friends and neighbours we haven’t had to buy much at all (and no, we haven’t gone this far!)

That’s why I’m making a point of passing on all the baby stuff we have. We already have a bag full of clothes and diapers to a colleague and he was very appreciative.

There are also great organisations like this one in the UK who will take your no longer needed items and give them to a family who really needs them.






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