Ever heard of RBF (Resting Bitch Face)? I hadn’t, until yesterday. But it turns out, I have one. Oh yes.

A resting bitch face is basically a scowl that you don’t know you’re wearing. Do you have one? Find out here.

My RBF is the reason my hubby often asks me what’s wrong when I am perfectly fine (and no, I don’t mean fine as in the fine you say when you mean anything but fine!)

It’s also the reason I often think ‘who the hell is that looking back at me?’ when I connect to FaceTime (It’s me. I’m just wearing that scowl I didn’t know about.)

Here are a few more things bothering people with a RBF.

So today for my one good thing, I tried to keep the RBF to a minimum and greet everyone I saw. Two or so years ago this would have been a pretty easy feat. It would have been my husband and kid, maybe the mail guy, maybe one of my neighbours, the people I worked with, the cashiers wherever I bought lunch and that’s about it. Today it’s a different story… (And pretty daunting for an INFJ.)

Before I’d even left the building this morning I shared the elevator with three people (just one good morning and smiles all round), then there was the doorman and porter on the way out. In the street there were numerous families on their way to school, people on their way to work and plenty of dog walkers in the park. By lunchtime I was a little horse. By three thirty my cheeks ached from smiling so much, and I was losing track. I accidentally said morning to a guy walking his five dogs and said hello twice to the same woman.

The response ranged from bemusement and bewilderment to downright rudeness. A lot of people flat-out ignored me. This is New York after all.

Unluckily for my husband I’ve worn out the smiles and my resting bitch face will be back on tonight (after I’ve said my final good evening to anyone in the elevator on the way home).

Have a good night.
Phew. Bitch face back on.


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