Does a good deed count if it feels easy?

imageOur building management have made my advent good deeds easy this year. There’s a coat drive and toy drive. Two huge boxes in the lobby that we walk past at least twice a day. So of course we’ve put stuff in – two coats in the coat drive and two toys in the toy box. One of which kiddo number one selected from the Lego store. We did worry he would struggle to part with it when we got back to the building, but I’m happy to report that he dropped it straight into the box for children of veterans. He’s now obsessed with the box and wants to check in the morning if there are any more toys in there (and I suspect so he can check the Lego is still there!)

Usually doing a ‘good deed’ for the day makes me feel good… It’s my selfish reason for doing it, but this one just felt too easy. Does it still count of it’s as easy as dropping a few things into a box? Maybe they should all be this easy. That way we’d all be doing them on a daily basis and the world would be a little nicer for everyone.

Does it count though? What do you think?




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