A kind act closer to home

imageFor the past few months I have had an inwardly smugness about me. All those people who warned me about jealousy over the baby. Ha. Not my wonderful son. No way. He’s been amazing with his little brother. And then…

The last few days he’s been having a hard time. We’ve had Legos launched across the room and more shouting and yelling than we usually have in a few months. Luckily (?!) he’s taking it out on me and not his little bro, so I am thankful for that!

The thing is, he’s not happy. And that means none of us are happy.

Cue plenty of pinterest reseach, and questions to other parents… What can I do?

These scientifically-proven happiness tips for kids are great. 

Give them enough free play, (tick) praise their efforts not the outcome, (tick) and model happiness yourself.  (Erm…)

I love the great way they explain this:

...you know how when you’re on a plane and the flight attendants tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first so that you’re capable to taking care of your children? Same thing applies to happiness. 

So I’m planning on being kinder to myself. Booking that massage I’ve had a voucher for for the past six months, going out with the girls for wine, getting an early night when I can. For today though I really needed to focus on him.

On the advice of a good friend today’s act of kindness has been some quality one-on-one time with mama. Does it count? I don’t know. Who makes the rules? All I know is it will make my son happier and he’ll be nicer to the people around him. It’s a ripple effect.

So this morning we left daddy, the dog and baby brother in the park and went on an adventure to the East side. We discovered a new playground, had a breakfast picnic in a make believe house, pushed his favourite toy on the swings, went on a stick hunt and much more. Then when we got home I got down on the floor and played Lego leaving dad to take care of the baby.

Got two kiddos? Any advice on keeping the jealousy at bay and keeping them both happy?  And what helps keep you sane and your cup full (you can’t put from an empty one)?


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