(Almost) a tree-mendous day

imageThe efforts with the cantankerous three year old worked a little yesterday, not so much today. There were meltdowns over clothes, shoes, breakfast, TV… The list goes on. So we did the only thing that works on days like this. We got outside.

It’s giving him a personality transplant. We got about three steps out of the building and he was like a different child.

Luckily we’re just one block away from Central Park. He was angling for the playground but I knew that running around in nature is so much better for him (and all 3 year olds), so we found sticks went on secret ‘hiding missions’ behind trees and bushes and had running races around the lake. It’s like having our own 800-acre garden. And we’re thankful for it. So today  for my one good thing I made our annual donation to the park. I’ve already mentioned that it’s been an expensive year this year, but for keeping me and my child sane, the park deserves my support.

Back home we were all feeling much better so our attention turned to trees of a different kind. The Salvation Army Christmas playlist was on, the decorations were out. Only thing missing was the mince pies!

Ant tips? What gets your LO’s out of a grump?



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