Overly ambitious

Today I had to go to Macy’s. In Herald Square. With a baby. FOUR days before Christmas.

Well I say had to. More like chose to. You see, even though I am pretty committed to non-toy gifts this year, my kiddo only just wrote his letter to Santa. And he asked for a snoopy (just like the one he’d seen when we went to visit Santa at Macy’s). I know he shouldn’t really get everything he’s asked for, but he’s only asked for four things (Up two from last year!) And Snoopy’s one of them. And I really, really want him to believe in the magic of Santa.

So, as soon as the babysitter arrived I jumped on the subway and headed for the busiest store in town.

It was hot. It was crowded. The queue for the elevators snaked around the store. It was, just like this advent challenge, overly ambitious.

Luckily I managed to get the Snoopy. I also have a few days left to rectify my poor advent of good things performance this year.

Here are a few things I want to do before Christmas:

Take a meal to someone who needs it.

Leave cards for people who deserve them (mail guys and gals, fire fighters, janitors etc).

Bake treats for my neighbours.

Leave anonymous gifts for children in the building.

Let’s see how I do.


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