How does Karma work exactly?

Does Karma work if you are deliberately extra nice because you want something in return? I doubt it. But today I didn’t want to chance it. My almost four-month-old was having his second and hopefully last kidney surgery at New York Presbyterian, and I needed all the good vibes I could get.


So the rude taxi driver who took us to the hospital got an overly large tip. The nurses and admin staff in the office got chocolates. I smiled at EVERYONE. Even the grumpy nurse who kept tutting as my child screamed the ward down after coming round from the anaesthetic.

The surgery went well and we’re all home now. So maybe it does work. But just in case, I popped out this evening with a hot meal for the homeless guy who spends most nights in my local subway station. He was more hungry than grateful – shoving a forkful in his mouth before muttering thank you through a mouthful of pasta. I didn’t mind. In fact his enjoyment showed his gratitude more than his words.

I’m grateful too. For a positive outcome after a few tough months.




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