A lasting legacy

Every November, a homeless person starts camping out in our subway station. I think the MTA lets him stay there because he brings along his dustpan and brush and keeps the place clean. He’s also quiet (apart from his small battery-powered radio that he sometimes plays) and pleasant.

On Tuesday we took him food. Nothing special, we just cooked a little extra pasta. And was extremely grateful. So last night we did the same again. Except last night it was raining, and the place he sleeps (halfway down the steps) often gets wet when it rains so he wasn’t there. We left the food for someone else huddled up under blankets trying to keep dry on the church steps.  Tonight we’ll probably do the same. And again tomorrow. And the next day. As often as we can we’ll cook a little extra and give it to someone who needs it. Because there is always someone who needs it.

Merry Christmas everyone. See you again next year.


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